AI Summer School

Scholarship Application

Do you want to be an entrepreneur,

a digital creator or a changemaker?

MIA Cloud Academy are offering 5 students aged 7-17 a scholarship to the AI Summer School.




Entry deadline is Friday July 21st midnight.


Winners will be announced Monday July 24th.


Video entries may be used on social media and website if selected.

How to apply:


Step 1:

Record yourself with a phone or camera.

Before hitting that record button, give your phone camera lens a quick clean for the best video quality and position your phone in a vertical position.


Step 2:

Start your video by saying the following sentence:

"My name is.. .and this is my application to the MIA AI Summer School Scholarship Program"


Step 3:

Answer the following questions in your video:

1. Which track (Creative or Entrepreneur) are you most interested in?

2. What are the topics that excite you the most?

3. What do you want to do when you grow up?

4. How do you think AI can help you?

5. Include anything else you would like to share.


Step 4:

Complete the form below and send your video

Send your video using a dropbox link or google drive link.

Application form

Creative Track Schedule

Download PDF

Entrepreneur Track Schedule

Download PDF

Remember we are looking for enthusiasm, motivation and curiosity.


We can't wait to receive your application!